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Business Tradition


Issue: December, 2003.

Leading Indian Business publications.

Article on: Tradition Goes Online

    Mehta, who works out of the century-old open courtyard building in the Heart of Mumbai’s diamond district where jewellery craftsmen sit cross-legged at work around him. Of course, it isn’t as simple as he makes it out to be. His online success has taken three concerted years of deciphering the online puzzle. Hailing from a family of wholesale diamond merchants. Mehta decided three years ago that he simply had to experiment with the Internet. “My family just didn’t take it seriously till they saw that it made business sense,” explains Mehta. Now Surat Diamonds’ online sales equals its offline sales. Through a network of alliances with Banks and telcos, contests, even ads in publications targeted at NRI’s, Mehta has built his web connections.