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Virgo or Kanya Rashi Compatible Peridot Gemstone Jewellery Pendant & Earrings

Virgo or Kanya Rashi Compatible Peridot Gemstone Jewellery Pendant & Earrings

The perfectionist Virgo is precise and methodical. With ruling planet Mercury (symbolizes Communication), Virgos are possessed of an ability to reason clearly, resolve issues and take a romance to new heights. Virgo is precise and methodical like no other sign of the zodiac and prove to be the best employee one can ever have. They often dislike delegating and want to oversee every step of the operation themselves. With an easy going nature they are reliable and steady sort and therefore relish the opportunity to be a helpful partner. They are intellectually inquiring, studious and logical, but are good as followers than as leaders and are fond of arts, sciences and languages.

Their faults, as is usual with all zodiacal types, are the extremes of their virtues. Fastidious reticence and modesty become old-maidishness and persnicketiness; balanced criticism becomes carping and nagging; and concern for detail becomes overspecialization. Virgoans are liable to indecision in wider issues and this can become chronic, turning molehills of minor difficulties into Himalayas of crisis. Their prudence can become guile and their carefulness, turned in on themselves, can produce worriers and hypochondriacs.

Most suitable job for them is in a library or office than a workshop.

Traditional Virgo Traits:

  • Modest and shy
  • Meticulous and reliable
  • Practical and diligent
  • Intelligent and analytical

  • On The Dark Side...
  • Fussy and a worrier
  • Overcritical and harsh
  • Perfectionist and conservative

The color of choice for Virgo is DARK BROWN

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Possible Health Concerns

Virgo is said to govern the hands, abdomen, intestines, spleen and central nervous system. Illnesses to which its natives are prone include catarrh, cold, coughs, pleurisies, pneumonia and nervous instabilities. Their natures make them inclined to worry and this makes them vulnerable to stomach and bowel troubles, including colic and ulcers. Male Virgoans may have trouble with their sexual organs. Both sexes are strongly interested in drugs and esoteric cuisine and as their delicate stomachs require them to be careful about their diet, it is essential that they treat their fascination with exotic food with extreme care.

Your ruling planet is MERCURY

Your Stars & Stone

Your star stone is Peridot. Its name comes from the Arabic word "faridat," meaning gem. Peridot is sometimes referred to as an "Evening Emerald" because under artificial light it glows as a brilliant green.
Legend has it that drinking from a peridot goblet can increase the potency of medicines.Peridot was said to be useful for calming raging angers, curing nervous afflictions and promoting tranquility in high-strung individuals.
Many legends state that peridot was considered a powerful amulet against all evil, as well as a remedy for sinus problems. Powdered peridot has been used to cure asthma.

Ideal Partners

The element earth represents Libra sign and Mercury is its ruling planet. Virgo is best compatible with Cancer and Scorpio. People born under this sign also make near perfect partners with those born under the Virgo, Cancer, and Scorpio signs. Virgo sign is least compatible with Pisces.

Famous Presonalities

August 25, 1930 - Sean Connery - Actor
August 29, 1915 - Ingrid Bergman - Actress
August 27, 1910 - Mother Teresa - Humanitarian
September 21, 1980 - Kareena Kapoor- Actress
September 11, 1862 - O. Henry - Writer