Sunshine Southsea Natural Golden Pearl Necklace Earrings Set For Your Lady Love

Beautiful Single Line Real South Sea Pearl Necklace Earring Set


MRP: Rs.25,000

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Naturally Colored by its formation in the Gold Lipped Oyster,the South Sea Golden Pearl is said to bring wealth to the wearer. What distinguishes a South Sea Golden Pearl from all its other pearl counterparts is its distinct Coloration. Unlike pure white pearl, a Golden Pearl exbhits a Remarkable Sparkling Champagne Tone. This South Sea Golden Pearl Set is the best way to get your hands on unparalled beauty and luxury.  

  • Pearl Size: 8-10 mm
  • Necklace Length: 17"
  • Earring Height: 2.00 cms

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About The Product

The Golden South Sea pearls are a true miracle of nature. After traveling to the location that these pearls are farmed it is no wonder they are so beautiful! Between the islands of the southern Philippines you will find farms responsible for the majority of the worlds golden pearls production. The second leading producing nation is Indonesia.  

Through selectively breeding oysters and selecting specific tissue during the culturing process the pearls that are being produced fall into a color category ranging from gold to crème to champagne. On occasion a pearl of deep golden color will be harvested which is the most desirable and rarest color produced. The golden color of these pearls is not the result of treatment or dye but 100% natural color. 

Since the pearl is a gem of nature you should expect each pearl to have characteristics that make it specifically unique to other pearls. When we see a spot on a beautiful pearl it reminds us that it is a piece of nature.  

Some of the pearls may be ringed, baroque, semi baroque, oval and drop shaped. We are often asked why pearls are not all round. As stated earlier the reason is that they are gems of nature. While they are growing out, the shells move in the ocean and have to be pulled up routinely for cleaning. As these shells are being handled or bumped around by large waves, the nacre that is being deposited takes a non-symmetrical shape. This is why it is so important that every time the shells are handled they are done so with extreme care.  

Why are these Golden South Sea pearl so Expensive? The oysters that produce these pearl happen to be extremely sensitive and are to be handled with extreme care. Where as most oysters can survive with less nutrients theses Golden Pearl producing oysters must have proper concentration of plankton while in the water to ensure it's healthy growth. Also these pearls are farmed in different methods than used for other pearl farming. Instead they must be enclosed in nets, which hold the shell from both sides.

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  • My order no. SDRING/7/2020/3052. Hi, thank u sooo much for helping me find the stone. Was a nice piece. Thank you for your cooperation. 😊- Divyaraj Singh 25 Dec,2020

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