Sweet Sapphire Diamond Rings

Sapphire- the famous blue stone is also called the blue sister of Ruby. The reason?- its because they come from the same mineral,...Read more

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Product Details & Specification:

Sapphire- the famous blue stone is also called the blue sister of Ruby. The reason?- its because they come from the same mineral, corundum. After diamond, corundum is the second hardest gemstone with the red corundum being called Ruby, and the other colors being called Sapphires.    

The most famous and the finest blue sapphires are the prized Kashmir Sapphires which have a Blue color that is not only intense, but also velvety. As the name suggests, it originated from India's north western region of Kashmir, along the Pakistani/Indian border in the western Himalayas. Sapphires and the Zodiac - Those born in September should wear sapphires for their birthstone; and according to the zodiac, it is the birthstone of the Taurus. Sapphires have always said to bring peace, joy and wisdom to their owner and wearer.    

In fact, it was also considered a talisman offering protection from evil spirits and other unwanted creatures of the night Signs of well-placed Blue Sapphire person - Wisdom, integrity, discipline, spiritual achievement trough humility, patience, dedication and non-attachment, Long life, Govern leadership and perfection, highest human qualities. Feeling special?     

Sultry, sophisticated and sleek. This piece of jewelry is every women's secret fantast. Bring her fantasies to life with this Sweet Sapphire Surprise. This Sweet Sapphire Surprise features a Sapphire set in a Silver Ring.   

  • Sapphire Pcs: 1 pc  
  • Sapphire Wt: 2.00 cts  
  • Silver Wt: 3.500 gms  
  • Silver Purity: 92.5%   

So go ahead, show your affection and remember, love never counts the cost and never delays in expression. BUY NOW!!     

  • Jewellery Details
  • Style Code
  • SSR
  • Material
  • Silver
  • Gold Weight
  • Gold Purity
  • 92.5% Silver
  • For Whom
  • All
  • Pearl Details
  • Pearl Color
  • Pearl Type
  • Product Dimension
  • Stone Details
  • Stone Type
  • Blue Sapphire
  • No of Pcs
  • 1 pc
  • Weight
  • 2.00 carats
  • Color
  • Blue

Additional Information:

Silver Purity: 92.5%

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Customer Reviews:

Very Fast. Product Quality - Very Good.
mukeshdubey 29 Jun 2004
ggtengse 29 Jul 2004
awesome !! A+++++++++++++++++++++++=
marie47710 18 May 2005
good. Product Quality - good
jpmckadocto 20 Jun 2004
Good. Product Quality - Good
resh03  27 Jun 2004
one of my favorite sellers!!
jilleryjewelry 24 Apr 2005
She loves it!! Thats all that matters!! TOP SHELF!! A+++++++!!
2hopper4 18 May 2005

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