• 0.09 M/I3 Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring
Excerpts from our conversation with the winner Mr SHRIKANT CHAVAN

1.How did you come to know about Surat Diamond and how did you get to know of this contest?
I got information from internet and I purchased something from my daughter 

2.What made you try your luck in this contest?
I got mail and I feel like part in contest.

3. Have u been thinking of getting any jewellery even before you saw the contest? If yes, what had stopped you from buying one.
 I purchased before some jewellery.

4.What were your thoughts when you clicked on ‘Pay Now’ button
I believed that I will be selected. 

5. How did you like the scheme?
Very good.

6. Did you think it is a win win situation even if you win or lose? If Yes - why? & No-why?
 Win ir loss not important, surat diamond is very good , i purchase some things and that was small but very good. 

7. Did you register more than once for it? If YES, why?
No only once.

8. How did you feel when you got the email announcing you as a winner?
Very happy and great lucky.

9.What did your family feel about it, when you told them?
My family heard this winner and very very happy.

10.What are your plans for the ring?
Gift to my wife.

11.What do you think about our new contest? Have you tried your luck here?
 Yes very good. 

  • 0.19ct K/I1 Two Tone Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Ms Sehajleen Kaur
Excerpts from our conversation with the winner Ms Sehajleen Kaur
  • 0.19ct Diamond 4 Prong Solitaire Ring
    Ms Deeksha Shukla
Excerpts from our conversation with the winner Ms Deeksha Shukla

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Why Should I ?
  1. Your lifetime chance to own a fine Diamond & Red Tourmaline Ring.
  2. Nothing to loose. You either win a diamond Ring worth Rs.24,000 or you get your Rs. 149 credited back.
  3. Either ways you a winner.