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Pearl - Moti

Pearl - Moti

Pearl is a biogenic precious gemstone produced within the soft tissue (specifically the mantle) of a living shelled mollusk. Just like the shell of a mollusk, a pearl is made up of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, which has been deposited in concentric layers, as a defense mechanism to a potentially threatening irritant such as a parasite inside its shell, injuring the mantle tissue. The mollusk creates a pearl sac to seal off the irritation.

Chemical Composition
Chemical FormulaCaCO3Hardness 3.5
Specific Gravity2.65Refractive Index1.65

The process through which the pearls are formed inside the body of the mollusk is very delicate, and a little disturbance at any stage of development of a pearl can influence its shape and luster. The finest pearl is that which has no foreign matter in its core.

Pearl - Moti   Collection

  • Pearl Silver Ring (PSR)
    MRP :  Rs. 11,380.00US $ 138.78
  • 0.10cts Fancy Real Diamond & Pearl Pendant (P672)
    MRP :  Rs. 18,778.00US $ 229
  • 0.06cts Real Diamond & Pearl Ring in 14K White Gol
    MRP :  Rs. 34,575.00US $ 421.65
  • Shining Sitara Diamond Pearl Girl Earrings (ER69)
    MRP :  Rs. 48,540.00US $ 591.95
  • 5.25 Rati Round Loose Pearl (LPS1)
    MRP :  Rs. 1,500.00US $ 18.29
  • Real Freshwater Button Pearl Stud Earrings
    MRP :  Rs. 350.00US $ 4.27
  • Drop Shape Real Pearl & Flower
    MRP :  Rs. 1,800.00US $ 21.95
  • Floral Pearl & Gold Plated Silver Pendant
    MRP :  Rs. 1,800.00US $ 21.95
  • Real Freshwater Pearl & Gold Plated Stud Earrings
    MRP :  Rs. 349.00US $ 4.26
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Following are the general properties of Gemstone

Planet Cosmic Color Sign Element Time Day Metal
Moon Ornage Cancer Water Evening Monday Silver

Signs of well-placed Pearl

The native will have good affluence, good fortune, recognition and fame.
Good memory.
Balanced emotional life.
Emotions under control.

The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases

Throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis, varicose loins, nervous debility, cancer, typhoid.
Eye diseases, lunacy, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, cold, cough.
Colic pains, worms, intestinal disorders, tumors, peritonitis

Who can wear a Pearl?

- prescribed according to the rashis.

  • Can wear it.
  • Avoid it.
  • Could be worn only under specific conditions..
  • Can wear it.
  • Could be preferred under specific conditions.
  • Can be worn only under specific conditions.
  • Only if needed under the mahadasha of moon
  • Can be worn only under specific conditions. Not advisable.
  • Avoid it.
  • Not advised.
  • Not advised.
  • Can be worn.
Famous Rubies
  • Jackie Kennedy's Pearl Necklace
  • The largest pearl in the world. The Pearl of Lao Tzu or also called the Pearl of Allah
  • La Peregrina on Elizabeth Taylor