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  • It's very beautiful

    SDRING/6/2019/2898 Yes, I have received it. Thanks so much dear .. its very beautiful. I will order something more soon.

    - Ratika Dua 24 Jun,2019
  • received the ring, and it is very beautiful

    I have received the ring, and it is very beautiful. Please telleveryone who helped get this gift delivered in time my deepest thanks. Excellent work. Many thanks again.

    - Francis Mizell 29 Aug,2018
  • Highly Satisfied

    Today I received my product, a pearl necklace and I am highly satisfied with it. Its so beautiful. Thank you for sending this beautiful jewellery.

    - Susmita Sarkar 05 Apr,2018
  • really satisfied with my purchase

    Just wanted to let you know that I had purchased one pair of earring from Amazon from you and that I am really satisfied with my purchase. It was a very nice gesture from your part that you included a personal message in the parcel. Thanks

    - Anna Kurian 05 Jan,2018
  • satisfied with the quality

    Rcvd and satisfied with the quality and workmanship... ThanX alot.

    - Vidhi Rajesh Jain 16 May,2017
  • looks very good

    Thank you very much and I received the ring and it looks very good.

    - Praveen Kannan 20 Feb,2017
  • It looks good

    I received the pendent. it looks good.

    - johnson kuvvarapu 17 Feb,2017
  • Beautiful

    I received it and it's beautiful. Thanks :)

    - Himanshu Jain 29 Dec,2016
  • Ring is perfect

    Thanx. We recd the parcel and the ring is perfect now.

    - Rajeev Garg 13 Dec,2016
  • It is very nice and beautiful

    I have received the ring today by blue dart courier. Many Many thanks for your coordinating with your departments and arranging delivery before the schedule on my request. It is very nice and beautiful.

    - Bipin Trivedi 07 Dec,2016

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