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There easiest way to complete your ensemble is to wear a Jewellery Set. No complications of mix and match and fashion faux pa! Go with any of our sets here and you’re sure to attract attention!

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Single Line Real Oval Green Emeralds & Red Ruby Beads Necklace & Earring Set for Women (SN685)
Price : $ 118.12
             Rs. 8,859.00
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The Green of the Emerald- the colour of life and of the springtime, which comes around again and again. This facinating gemstone is considered the goddess among gemstones. But it has also, for centuries, been the colour of beauty and of constant love. Deep green is the most desired color in emeralds. The paler the color of the emerald, the lesser its value.Emeralds have been held in high esteem since ancient times. Probably the oldest known finds were once made near the Red Sea in Egypt. Is it no wonder why, Cleopatra- Egypt's tempestuous female monarch, was famous for wearing emeralds in her time. These gemstone mines, were already exploited by Egyptian pharaohs between 3000 and 1500 B.C. More recently, layers ofemerald have been found in Brazil, South Africa, Zambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This gemstone still occupies a special position in many cultures and religions. Green for example is the holy colour of Islam.. Islamic texts describe the Garden of Paradise as carpeted with this gem. As per Indian astrology, emerald is the gemstone, pertaining to Mercury. By wearing it, a man can appease his or her mental commotion. It is believed to provide peace and harmony. This green variety of beryl, a silicate of beryllium and aluminium represents regeneration and life. This green colour of emerald is due to trace of chromium. Finest quality emeralds are even more precious than diamonds. Beautiful Single Line Real Oval Green Emerald & Red Ruby Beads Necklace & Earring Set for women. The Necklace has Emeralds interspaced with 3 Ruby beads & Gold plated Beads. The Necklace comes with a pair of Hanging Earrings. Ideal for Gifting.

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