Astrology The Science of Gemstone
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Gemstones as Healing Agents

 Belief is something that makes the world goes on and this holds particularly true for gemstones. There have been huge scholastic arguments over the purpose of the invention of Jewellery. While the Historians hold that the solitary purpose for which the primitive men collected gemstones was adornment of their bodies, the Astrologers on the other hand are of the view; men have known the secret of the vibration qualities of the gemstones for millennia.

The controversy apart, the common men worldwide, especially in the Arab and Asian countries, have always revered the gemstones for their great healing qualities and energy stimulating capacities. From a scientific perspective, their bio-chemical properties infest them with different vibration qualities. Different stones carry different energy-waves and it is believed, wearing these stones and crystals help to transmit that particular energy on the wearer's personality. Improving one's integrity, these stones help to connect one's self to the power of the universe.

The Science of Gemstones

 Since ancient days, mostly in the East and to some extent in the West volumes of studies have aimed to explore the relation and influence of the nine planets on the natural elements. Several studies attempted to explore the proper methods of transforming these planetary elements into the powerful agents of bringing luck and prosperity.

The basic philosophy of healing gems is incorporated in the words of reputed Astro- scientist, Manley Hall who stated, "The rays of the celestial bodies, striking the crystallizing influences of the lower world, become the various elements. Partaking of the astral virtues of their source, these elements neutralize certain unbalanced forms of celestial activity and, when properly combined, contribute much to the well-being of man."

Here is a synopsis of the basic points of the Astrological researches - both modern and ancient, Oriental or Western - to help your understanding about the scientific foundation and the working of the gemstones.

  • The whole science of gemstones is founded on the hypothesis: the human beings are the receptor of the vital rays in forms of cosmic radiations of the planets. Many of our physical and psychological dispositions are influenced and shaped by the degree and variety of these radiations.
  • Due to precise geological factors, the gems are grown into crystals depicting unique geometrical alignments. The crystals resonate energy which freely flows through their geometrically aligned atoms.
  • This resonant energy has a subtle effect on the body and the minds of the wearer. When the gemstones come to a direct contact with skin, they produce an electromagnetic influence over human cells which are particularly sensitive to the electromagnetic radiation.
  • In astrological science, the roots of all problems in our life are to be traced in our receptivity or level of resonance. The human receptivity can be negative or positive. The more we will be able to absorb positive energies, more we will be able to live a happy and healthy life.
  • The overall success of the precious stones to bring a healing impact lies in the transformation of the whole pattern of the negative energies into a rearrangement and reorientation in a positive pattern of energy flow in order to improve our lives.
  • Sometimes for some person, natural receptivity of the radiations from beneficial planets may be weak. This weakness can be overcome artificially by borrowing from electromagnetic radiation of a proper gemstone.
  • Astrologers believe any disease is the manifestation of disproportionate level of energy. The correct balance of energy can be brought back with a gemstone resonating correct proportion of energy corresponding to the bio electronic pattern of the individual.
  • According to Vedic philosophy, Fine, flawless gems infested with "astral" powers promote good fortune. Although the poor quality gems might have the opposite effects. According to the Hindu astrologers, the power of gems emanates from the nine planets. The nine planets and their corresponding gems.

In our next email we discuss in detail the relation of these nine planets and the corresponding gemstones.