Astrology The Healing Power of Gemstone
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The Mystic Powers

 Health is wealth".... this age old adage seems to acquire a new significance in the turn of new millennium. The men are ready to experiment and adopt any means to lead a happy and healthy life. More and more people are leaning towards the alternative cure regimens. This craze about staying fit explains the increasing popularity of the use of gemstones as natural healing agents. It seems that the secrets of the East have been reincarnated in the west.

In the western metropolises, the celebrities and the common men alike are passionately after procuring the healing stones. In these societies these healing stones are however essentially associated with stress management. Here the mystic properties of the stones are emphasized. The list below charts out the important mystic properties of some of the well-known stones.

  • Gemstones
    Mystical Power
  • Cleansing Properties
  • Hematite
    Channelizes the divine currents
  • Fluorite
    Drive away negative forces
  • Meditation agent
  • Increases mental clarity and reduces depression. Carnelian enhances creativity
  • Carnelian
    Enhances Creativity
  • Tanzanite
    Uplifts and opens the heart
  • Mental clarity
  • Opens the heart, allows to overcome fear

Although the attempts at healing through gems are relatively new phenomena in the West, in the Eastern countries like India or china, the alchemists or other wise men used to prescribe them extensively in treatment of various physical ailments. In Indian school of astrology, the influences of nine primary stones have been accorded the maximum importance with regard to the healing capacities. Among them, the diamond, ruby sapphire and emerald have been ascribed the name of Maharatan or the most superior gemstones.

In the West on the other hand, the gemstones are prescribed following the date of birth and Zodiac signs. The numerological calculations are also taken into consideration. In recent years in the western world, the quartz crystals have become very popular. Particularly the clear ones also known as "rock crystals" are strongly believed to provide the best protection. As for example, the rose quartz is popularly used for the treatments of heart ailments. Jade popularly used as a cure in the kidney related disease. Amethyst is a wonderful healer for stomach related diseases. Mexican Onyx helps get over insomnia.

In Muslim world however, fresh colored carnelian is believed to have great protective value as the stone was believed to be worn by the Prophet himself. Turquoise is another stone coveted by the Muslim believers.

The healing Stone List

One of the most controversial among the natural cures, gemstones for treatment purposes have been in use for centuries. You can consult the list below for the remedies of some of the common ailments.

Users' Guide

Healing through gemstones is a wonderful idea. But in order to get the best result, one should select the stone with caution.

First of all, one should use such a stone only after consultation with an experienced astrologer or gemologist. An efficient planetary analysis is a prerequisite for remedy through gemstones. In the East, the selection of right gem is determined by one's horoscope or the chart depicting the planetary position of your whole life, calculated on the basis of the time and place of your birth. A healing stone should be prescribed only after a thorough analysis of the present planetary positions in one's horoscope.

Secondly, the prescribed stone must be purchased from an authentic gemstone dealer. The stones should be of very high quality without fractures or dying. Otherwise it is not possible to get expected results. It is advised that you must examine the stone with the touch of your own fingers - real gems feel hard, the fake ones feel waxy when touched with finger.

Thirdly, Along with the principal precious stones (viz., ruby, pearl, yellow sapphire, hessonite, emerald, diamond, cat's eye, blue sapphire, and red coral) there are many other colored gems which are much less expensive yet they are capable of harmonizing the same astral energy from their associated planets and it is also much easier to find out these stones without flaws. As for instance when one is not able to afford a flawless diamond, he can opt for far less expensive colorless quartz crystal. The latter type is called secondary gems. In the east it is believed that it is better not to wear any gem than wearing a flawed stone because they are prone to produce adverse effects.

The chart below will help you to find out the secondary stones for each of the primary gems.

  • Primary Stones
    Secondary Stones
  • Moonstone and white coral
  • Channelizes the divine currents
  • Yellow topaz, yellow beryl (heliodor) and yellow tourmaline
  • Hessonite
    Natural orange zircon, spessartite, Malaya and other orange garnets
  • Tsavorite, green tourmaline, green Diopside, Peridot and green jade
  • White (colorless) sapphire (heat-checked), white topaz, white beryl (goshinite) and colorless quartz
  • Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
    Beryl, apatite, fibrolite and tourmaline cat's eyes
  • Tourmaline (indicolite), blue Spinel and amethyst
  • Red carnelian

Finally, care and protection are very important for securing good results over a long period of time. The stones should be cleansed thoroughly and regularly to get the undisrupted flow of positive energies. One should remember that healing stones are not something meant to replace the medical science altogether. It does not either guarantee the complete recovery from your disease. The gemstones are like the alternative curing procedures like Yoga which aims at easing your ailments by enhancing the internal energies that is hidden within your own self.

Even a staunch non believer has to admit that wearing a special stone for a particular purpose helps one to focus on the goals. Similarly a healing stone helps you to enhance your will power to fight against the disease and this will power creates the energy to win over the disorder either of your body or your mind. In addition to that, the aesthetic appeals of these gemstones always make them wonderful accessories.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this three part series on healing power of gemstone.we will keep bringing to you such interesting aspects from the world of jewellery time to time.