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Home > FAQ's
Q: What do I look for in a quality of a Diamond?
A: When you evaluate a Diamond, check for the four ‘C’s – cut, color, clarity & carat weight. You need to follow these primary guidelines carefully for the above characteristics to determine the value of a Diamond. We suggest you add a fifth ‘C’ – confidence in your Jeweler, only an experienced & reliable Jeweler will guide & help you select a quality Diamond.
Q: What kinds of Products are available at Surat
A: We manufacture & sell Real Diamond, Pearls, Ruby, Emeralds, Sapphire & Gemstone Jewelry. All Diamond Products are made is 18kt Yellow Gold or 14kt White Gold and Gemstones are set in 92.5% Sterling Silver.
Q: What does Carat mean?
A: ‘Carat’ is the unit of measuring the weight of a Diamond. In actual terms, 100 points equals one carat. By a common weight measure, one carat equals to one fifth of a gram. Being a precious stone, Diamonds are weighed on a scale with a balance so sensitive that even breathing can tip the scales.
Q: Is it necessary to Register while purchasing products on
A: While purchasing a product, you can just enter your email ID (incase you have not registered earlier) and make your purchase.
Q: How do I shop on
A: It’s simple, just 3 easy steps: Select the products that you wish to purchase in the view cart & press the “Buy this Item Now” button. Then say, “Proceed to checkout”. Fill in your Billing & Shipping Details, select your mode of payment & "PAY NOW" A copy of the Invoice will be sent to you in your Inbox. Incase, you still have a problem you can also send us your order with complete details (product code, shipping & billing details, mode of payment) at
Q: How do I Redeem Gift Certificates/ Promotion codes on
A: Copy the link in the address block - OR follow the steps given below: Once you have selected a product that you wish to purchase, in the shopping cart there is an option that says “enter your Gift Certificate Code/Promotion code here”. Enter the Code in the box, the Value of the Voucher/promotion code will be automatically adjusted & an invoice will be sent to you in your Inbox. Incase of any excess amount you can pay us the same by any mode of payment. (Kindly note only one Voucher can be redeemed at a time. Incase of multiple Gift Certificates, you can send us the details of the Certificates to & our representative will get back to you.) Gift Vouchers are not redeemable on Gold Coins & Certified Solitaires
Q: How will you ship my merchandise?
A: Upon Receipt of payment, products are shipped through Courier, Speed Post or Registered Post Parcel fully insured to it’s ultimate destination. Each Jewelry is packed in elegant boxes, ideal for gifting, so as to insure that they withstand the vagaries of shipment. (Kindly note – Diamond Parcels are shipped thru Insured Speed Post and the delivery time of which is 8/10 working days
Q: What do you charge over the MRP for shipping and insurance?
A: All prices are inclusive of Shipping, Insurance and taxes if shipped within India, For International parcels, we charge only additional US$ 20 for Diamond Parcels and US$ 13 for Non Diamond Parcels. EU customers will have to bear VAT & Tax as applicable in their respective countries on the selling price. (There are no taxes & duties in USA). To save on shipping charges you can club your purchase.
Q: How secure is the transaction?
A: Your privacy & security is important to us. Surat Diamond takes every precaution to protect our users information. When users submit sensitive information via our website, your information is protected both online and off-line. When our registration/order form asks users to enter sensitive information (such as credit card numbers), that information is encrypted and is protected with 128 bit encryption. We are verified by verisign.
Q: What if I want to return my purchase?
A: At Surat Diamond, we offer a 100% Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason, with the exception of shipping costs, within (30) days of receipt & if returned in original condition. If you wish to return the products, you can call or email us at to inform us of the return and we will give you the return procedure. Incase of any manufacturing defect you can send us the same within 15 days from the receipt of the product for a Free replacement or a full refund.
Q: How do I redeem my Loyalty Points against Products?
A: You can Redeem your points for a jewelry of your choice anytime. You can view your point details in our "My Account" section. When you buy Jewelry for the 1st time your bonus points get accumulated in your account. [You earn: 1 Point for every Rs.100/- spent against standard Jewellery. You can redeem these points towards a discount in your next purchase. eg, if you have earned 200 points you are entitled to a discount of Rs.200/- on your next purchase. You have the liberty to accumulate points or redeem them at every purchase.
Q: Why are your prices lower then a local Jewelry store?
A: All our products are offered directly from the Factory, hence the price you pay is the least. We do not have any Retail Stores thus avoiding all the additional overheads like inventory costs, wholesale & retail margins, which are indirectly passed on to the Customer.
Q: What is the shipping time for all Products?
A: Diamond Products are shipped within 10 working days time & Non-Diamond Products within 5-7 working days time after payment realisation.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: You can send us your payment through Credit Card, Cheque, Demand Draft, Internet Banking or paypal. We accept all major Credit Cards, the details of which can be sent through our secured payment gateway.
Q: Why is the shape of the diamond called Cut?
A: When a Diamond craftsman examines the rough stone, he imagines what shape the Diamond will take. He pictures the Diamond after considering the shape of the rough stone, the size, inclusions and how much weight will be lost in the process of cutting. The most popular shape of a Diamond is the one in an engagement ring, having a round brilliant cut. It is usually cut from an eight sided crystal. The marquise, oval, pear, emerald and heart shaped Diamonds are known as fancy cuts. These are fashioned from different shapes of rough Diamonds that cannot be crafted into a round brilliant cut. With the exception of the heart-shaped cut, cuts can have as many as 58 facets. The shapes of facets differ in each of the cuts. The tiny polished planes on the surface of each Diamond accounts for the brilliance & fire of Diamonds. The precision & skill of the craftsman cutting the stone determines the quality of the cut, the extent of brilliance & the allure of the Diamonds fire.
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