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Loose Ruby

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139/8.18cts Round Faceted Ruby
139/8.18cts Real Natural Round Faceted Red Ruby Gemstone (8.18cts RND Ruby)
$ 183.52 | Rs. 12,270.00
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2/9.99cts Round Cabochan Ruby
2/9.99cts Real Natural Round Red Cabochan Ruby Gemstone for Her (9.99cts Cab Ruby)
$ 89.65 | Rs. 5,994.00
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3/6.35cts Oval Dark Pink Ruby
3/6.35cts Real Natural Oval Faceted Dark Pinkish Red AA Grade Ruby Gemstone (6.35cts Oval Ruby)
$ 94.97 | Rs. 6,350.00
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2/6.00cts Red Cabochan Ruby
2/6.00cts Real Natural Red Cabochan Oval Ruby Gemstone for Her (6.00cts Cab Ruby)
$ 26.92 | Rs. 1,800.00
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5.55cts Big Oval A Grade Ruby
1/5.55cts Big Oval Real Natural A Grade Faceted Ruby Gemstone for Her (5.55cts Oval Ruby)
$ 166.02 | Rs. 11,100.00
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4/5.52cts Flattish Oval Ruby
4/5.52cts Real Natural Flattish Oval Faceted Ruby Gemstone (5.52cts Oval Ruby)
$ 49.54 | Rs. 3,312.00
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5.45cts Round Faceted Ruby
5.45cts Round Faceted Translucent Real Natural Pink Ruby Gemstone with 30 Rubies (5.45cts RND Ruby)
$ 97.82 | Rs. 6,540.00
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2/5.30cts AA Transparent Ruby
2/5.30cts Real Natural AA Transparent Faceted Oval Pink Ruby Gemstone (5.30cts Oval Ruby)
$ 64.16 | Rs. 4,290.00
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6/5.20ct Red Oval Faceted Ruby
6/5.20cts Real Natural Red Oval Faceted AA Grade Ruby Gemstones (5.20cts Oval Ruby)
$ 70 | Rs. 4,680.00
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23/4.63cts Real Red Oval Ruby
23/4.63cts Real Natural Oval Dark Red Faceted Ruby Gemstone (4.63cts Oval Ruby)
$ 103.87 | Rs. 6,945.00
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4.60cts Pink Faceted Oval Ruby
6/4.60cts Real Natural Pink Oval Faceted Red Ruby Gemstone (4.60cts Oval Ruby)
$ 103.2 | Rs. 6,900.00
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1/4.45cts Oval Cabochan Ruby
1/4.45cts Real Natural Oval Cabochan Dark Pink Ruby Gemstone (4.45cts Cab Ruby)
$ 33.28 | Rs. 2,225.00
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9/4.29cts AA Grade Oval Ruby
9/4.29cts Real Natural AA Grade Dark Pink Faceted Oval Ruby Gemstone (4.29cts Oval Ruby)
$ 64.16 | Rs. 4,290.00
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4.11ct Real Dark Red Oval Ruby
4.11cts Real Natural Dark Red Faceted Oval Ruby Gemstone (4.11cts Oval Ruby)
$ 18.44 | Rs. 1,233.00
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4.10cts Round Cabochan Ruby
4.10cts Real Natural Red Round Cabochan Ruby Gemstone (4.10cts Cab Ruby)
$ 21.46 | Rs. 1,435.00
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